You want to make low-tech projects yourself ?
We give you a nudge : we prepared tutorials.
Just follow the instructions !

Good diy !

chauffe air


Froit, from Oulan-Bataar, has invented a system that heats its workshop thanks to a black ventilated box, which stands near a window. It heats up by 14°C, for about 15€ ! Faites le vous-même !




An easy and effective solution to ventilate a room with very little thermical losses. A few pipes, aluminium foil, a wooden box, two PC fans and that’s all !  Faites le vous-même !



Bol Solaire LT


You want to cook your next meal only with solar energy ? You can use an old satellite dish and a broken mirror to cook your eggs ! Faites le vous-même !





Make yourself your solar oven which can cook all kind of food, and even replace your micro-waves to heat up some meals !





These low tech solar water heaters cost only 10€, and are made from basic materials (PVC panels and pipes). Those on the photo are 16 years old, and still heat up 100L of water per day !