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green balance2

bookmark-1Technical sheet

Green Balance
This energy efficient house is developed by Rockwool near Moscow. Different technologies, easy to install, makes it save more than 60% of energy consumption !
Chaussures petrole2 bookmark-1Technical sheet


Petrol Shoes
Two Siberian guys manage to get a kind of petrol from the pyrolysis process of old shoes !

reboard bookmark-1Technical sheet

Do not throw away your plastic toys anymore : make new plastic objects from them, by yourselves, in your kitchen !

lagada bookmark-1Technical sheet

Lagada Ecovillage
A village out of the electric and water grids, which lives autonomously in Siberia.


three camel lodge bookmark-1Technical sheet

Three Camel Lodge
A touristic yurt camp in the Gobi desert, south of Mongolia, decided to install solar panels to get its own power.

green solar energy bookmark-1Technical sheet

Green Solar Energy
The CEO of a small company in Oulan-Batar has installed three different solar systems in his house. Consequently, he is electrically independent almost all year long !

chauffe air

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Air Heater Low-Tech
Froit, living in Oulan-Batar, is a fan of Low-Tech solutions. For exemple, he has found a way to heat his workshop thanks to a kind of box which he puts against a window. It warms up the air by 14°C for only 15$ !

yourte solaire bookmark-1Technical sheet


Solar Yurt
Nomadic people in Mongolia cannot be connected to the electric grid. However, thanks to solar panels, they can have light and television, even in the middle on desert !

 Ourgamal  bookmark-1

Technical sheet

Urgamal Solar Panel Field

In the West part of Mongolia, between the nomadic steppe and the sand desert, the village of Urgamal, thanks to its inhabitants mobilisation, has installed a solar panels field.

echangeur bookmark-1Technical sheet



Low-Tech Air Exchanger

A project easy to make yourself, which ventilates your room with very few thermic waste ! Discovered in Oulan Bator.


 Solar Bowl  bookmark-1Technical sheet

Solar Bowl

In Auroville, we cook thanks to the sun ! A restaurant gives 1000 meals a day with an ingenious system to boil water.

Sadhana bookmark-1Technical sheet

Sadhana Forest

This community lives off-grid : solar panels and bikes to get the electricity, the buildings are made of bamboo, and everything is made to live as close from nature as possible.

 Windpumps  bookmark-1Technical sheet


In Auroville, to get water, we need to pump it from underground. And what about if the wind did it ?

 Mitticool bookmark-1Technical sheet

Mitticool fridge

A frigo which works without electricity, and which keeps fruits and vegetables cool during one week, it exists !

 Biogaz bookmark-1Technical sheet


Biogas plant

Take cow waste, add water, put in a tank, wait for a few then get the gaz for cooking !

protovillage bookmark-1Technical sheet


 This small farming community lives off-grid. They have different projects, such as a biodigestor, some solar panels, a solar cooker, a WC biodigestor…

Permaculture bookmark-1Technical sheet


The permaculture principles are that each element of our environment must be there for different purposes. In Goa, Clea Chandmal, who has a permaculture farm, tries to spread this idea in India.

Bol Solaire LT bookmark-1Technical sheet

Low-Tech solar bowl

You want to cook your next meal using only solar energy ? You can do it with an old satellite dish and a broken mirror !

sechoirSolaire bookmark-1Technical sheet

Solar drier

 A nice system to dry fruit and vegetables in less than two days, using only solar energy !

barefoot bookmark-1Technical sheet

Barefoot College

 This community welcomes women from all over the world. They will learn the basics about solar panels, in order to be able to implement solar panels in their villages when they will come back.

cuisineSolaire bookmark-1Technical sheet

Solar cooker

 Some mirrors in a good shape, a pan in the middle : you have the solution for boiling water using only solar energy !

teachForGreen bookmark-1Technical sheet

Teach for Green

An organisation which is focused on education about energy, and especially solar. Either for school children, or for adults who want to become entrepreneurs in the field.


earthshipIronbank bookmark-1Technical sheet


Earthship Ironbank

The first Australian Earthship, built near Adelaide. It combines all the main elements of Earthships in order to optimize its efficiency !

maisonFaiteMaison bookmark-1Technical sheet

Homemade home

Joel Meadow, handyman found of low-techs, has built himself his house. He used only material from the area. Even better : the house is water autonomous and doesn’t need heater !

rocketOven bookmark-1Fiche Technique


Rocket Oven

A low-tech oven that consumes to a little wood, but that reaches very high temperatures ! From an old tank, daub and do it yourself skills.

murundaka bookmark-1Technical sheet

Murundaka community

This community, which lives in a building around a garden and a common room, has developed different principles to live sustainably.

ceres bookmark-1Technical sheet

Ceres Melbourne

The Melbourne CERES, Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, is a complex that presents many sustainable projects. We focused on the energy optimization of a test house.
financementCommunautaire bookmark-1Technical sheet

Financement Communautaire

The idea is easy : the community invests in solar pannels for someone. Instead of paying an electricity bill, the user will give back little by little the funds to the community. After a while, the project belongs to him !

permaculturePatrickJones bookmark-1Technical sheet

Permaculture Patrick Jones

It is in the Adelaide area that permaculture has been invented. This trend has then spread all over the world. Patrick Jones and his family have a house and way of living based on permaculture.


offGridHawaii bookmark-1Technical sheet

Off-Grid Hawaï

Heath Hanson and his wife wanted to have an off-grid house. It seemed to be difficult regarding the volcanic field where stands the house, but they achieved it !


elBiodigestor bookmark-1Technical sheet

El Biodigestor

In Mexico, a farmer family who raises pigs has a biodigestor. Different from the other we have seen, it enables them to cook, thanks to the pigs excrements !


fourSolaire bookmark-1Technical sheet



Solar Oven

We met Dr. Shyam, who has built and patterned the world’s first solar oven. He has studied solar oven during 35 years !

Easy to do it yourself, we made a tutorial for you !

ranchoMastatal bookmark-1Technical sheet

Rancho Mastatal

This  eco-friendly ranch has rocket ovens, solar ovens, ecological buildings… And a biodigestor linked to the toilets !

ranchoMargot bookmark-1Technical sheet

Rancho Margot

This ecotourism center is off-grid, thanks to a hydroelectric turbine which get its power from a small river that goes through the property. And a good proportion of the food eaten is produced in the ranch.

solDeVida bookmark-1Technical sheet

Sol de Vida solar cooking

This community invited us to share a 100% solar meal for the winter solstice ! We cooked delicious dishes with the 15 solar cookers they have.

chauffeEauSolaire bookmark-1Technical sheet

Low-tech water heater

Terry, on Nicoya peninsula, has built himself a low-tech water heater which works with solar energy. It is efficient enough to supply a full house.

hydroCarro bookmark-1Technical sheet

Hydro carro : hydrogen engine

Cesar has modified his car to make a petrol – hydrogen hybrid. The hydrogen comes from an hydrolysis and improves the explosion in the engine. A good way to spare petrol !

sustainabilityDemonstrationCenter bookmark-1Technical sheet

Sustainability Demonstration Center

This community teaches ecological agriculture, and struggle for the river protection in Costa Rica.


murVegetal bookmark-1Technical sheet


Mur Végétal

Funcener, a sustainability center in Bogota, will show you that you can grow your own food even if you don’t have a garden : by using the walls !

organizmo bookmark-1Technical sheet


This eco-building research centre has developed different ways to build while using local material and without polluting.

toilettesEcolos bookmark-1Technical sheet

Ecological toilets

An interesting way to take advantage of one’s toilettes, and to recycle grey water with a vegetal filter !


communidadeDaTrindade bookmark-1Technical sheet

Comunidade Da Trindade

This community welcomes homeless people in a church. They have installed solar panels, compost, and a shower water recuperation system.

tibaRio bookmark-1Technical sheet

Tiba Rio

This eco-building center develops different techniques, while teaching them during workshops. Bamboo, adobe, small arch design…

pindorama bookmark-1Technical sheet


An organism specialized in bamboo construction. They also have a biodigestor linked to the toilets, and a water heater system that heats water while cooking.

chauffeEauSolaireLowTechRio bookmark-1Technical sheet



Low tech solar water heater

Hans, who lives of Rio, has made himself a solar water heater that costs ten euros. Built 16 years ago, it still works !

after the tourBecause Le Tour des Possibles doesn’t stop there ! Our goal is to continue discovering projects beyond the world, during our personal trips. So we will continue updating this page with Low-Tech and sustainable tricks !

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Paul – december 2019

El Eden bookmark-1Fiche Technique

El Eden

Olf farm of conventional agriculture in the east of Cuba, El Eden is changing and turns to permaculture.

Finca del Medio bookmark-1Fiche Technique

Finca del Medio

The family that own this farm has developed different projects in order to produce in a more sustainable way, with a permaculture philosophy.

Organoponicos bookmark-1Fiche Technique


In the 80s, Cuban people started to grow inside the cities, to face the food penury. A productive way that desserves to be focused on, either for its historical interest or for the sustainable point of view.

permaculture urbaine  

bookmark-1Fiche Technique


Permaculture urbaine

Renovated workshop open to everybody in the Havana, we teach there how to make permaculture.